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Nov 05

70 Volt Distributed Audio Systems

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Most of us are familiar with impedance matching for distributed audio systems. Resistive and autoformer impedance matching volume controls, unrealistic wattage ratings and more can conspire to make your life difficult if you've got lots of speakers to install for a distributed audio system. Feat not. There's another more effective and efficient way to solve this problem. Originally used... Read More »

Aug 09

Mid-Summer Update on all things Terra

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Here is everything that is happening at our newly expanded Terra manufacturing facility here in Maine. General Business: This Summer is turning out to be gangbusters for our all-climate speakers! We’ve been working extra hours just trying to keep up with demand. Many thanks to all those who’ve been recommending and installing our speakers. We are incredibly grateful. LS... Read More »

Jan 22

Our all-climate flush-mount speakers are perfect for almost every application

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We have been making our CA series flush-mount all climate speakers since we founded in 1999. In the intervening years these high quality speakers have been installed in thousands of climate challenged locations, providing exceptional music reproduction in unexpected places. In hopes of prompting you to think “outside the bathroom,” so to speak, we offer these alternative examples of... Read More »

Aug 07

Terra Speakers are the finest all-climate loudspeakers

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We can’t speak with authority about every outdoor speaker ever made. The competition statements below are generalizations that we have found apply to the vast majority of all-climate speakers on the market. We’d like to postulate that Terra makes the finest all-climate speakers for residential and light commercial applications, bar none. To that end, read on… TERRA: Every speaker... Read More »

May 28

The Terra AC.SUB: What’s in the box?

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Although we haven’t had the opportunity to delve into all the outdoor subs on the market we can pretty much assure you that there’s significant differences between the Terra AC.SUB and most others. For one thing, lots of the outdoor subs we’ve seen use a bandpass design with a tube extending above ground to “let the sound out." These tubes are covered with a screen of some sort and... Read More »

May 28

Integrating Outdoor Sound into Landscaping

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Over the past several years there has been substantial growth in more elaborate outdoor sound systems installations. These systems have gone well beyond the typical “couple of speakers up under the eves," leading to increased potential for elaborate outdoor sound system in stalls. According to experts from a popular outdoor kitchen contractor, many systems now include multiple carefully... Read More »