“It’s hard to deny the value of Terra’s landscape series if only for the fact that there really isn’t anything else on the market quite like it.” – Residential Systems 

Our outdoor and all-weather products are perfect for commercial landscape settings.

Installed on patios, golf courses, theme parks and municipal greenways from Maine to Southern California, our products are built to withstand and thrive in extreme conditions — from the humid and salty Caribbean, to cold and dry Russia. Our LuminSound Landscape series can, in addition to delivering upon beautiful audio, cast equally beautiful light in a number of different styles. Finally, our custom design and brand printing makes it possible to match your install to its immediate surroundings, your brand identity and more.

Products for Landscape

LS LuminSound Landscape Series: Our signature and celebrated landscape series is available as both a 10 inch landscape mount and 32 inch bollard. Each are available with multiple lighting options that bring your installation’s mood and ambiance to another level.

Custom Cabinet and Grill Design: Work with us to provide cabinet finishes that match your install environment, or to design grills that accent and amplify your brand.

Tr50 Series and Tr60 Series: These bracket-mount, all-weather products are the perfect accompaniment for filling out many outdoor installations.

Tr Sub 12: Our all-weather, in-ground subwoofer is perfect for bringing some bass to your landscape or deck installation.

Custom Sound Design: If you need help designing your install, we are here to help.

Our All-Weather Speakers are Built to Last