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We offer an array of custom speaker options, ranging from Sound and Installation Design to Cabinet Finishes and Printed Branding and Graphic Design.

Commercial and Residential Sound Design 

While all of our lines are themselves easy to install, some installations can be particularly unique and tricky. Mixed use interiors like restaurants, bars, and houses of worship, where sound delays and multiple advanced design solutions are required, can be difficult to address without an adequate dose preparation, education and experience. For these, we offer additional design services.


Custom Printing and Cabinet Finishes 

We have found that our customers, both in commercial and residential markets, are increasingly looking for speakers with custom appearances and finishes. We are happy to offer arrays of options, from applying logos and related brand or design schemes to accommodate specific interiors to offering a variety of finishes suited to making speakers better matches their surrounding decor. Our custom printing can emulate any logo or design while our custom exteriors can match various wood grains, metallic finishes, and many textures in between. A number of custom appearance options are available for every one of our speakers and we are amenable to almost any request.



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