Houses of Worship

“I’ve been in this business for over 40 years, and with Terra for the nearly two decades they’ve been in business. We have installed them in thousands of locations, from small renovation projects to one built around the arrival of Pope Francis. We look forward to involving them in thousands more.”         – Steve Minozzi, Monte Bros. Sound Systems, Inc.

Terra Speakers products are perfect for house of worship installations both indoors and out.

Our CAMM commercial series was custom built for house of worship installs and have been involved in thousands of installs across denomination and architectural demands. We were honored to have them selected to be front and center of an install built around the arrival of Pope Francis.

Our numerous all-weather products are perfect for projecting message and music outside, in landscape settings, on overhangs and wherever else you made need guaranteed all-weather coverage.

Finally, our custom design and brand printing makes it possible for you to match your install to its immediate surroundings, your brand identity and more. All of our speakers are made here in the United States and we can even offer consultation on designing sound to suit your demands.

Products for Houses of Worship

CAMM Series: Our indoor commercial line was designed specifically for house of worship use. This plain, clean unobtrusive design comes devoid of brand markings so they can fit tastefully in any installation.

Tr Axis Series, Tr50 Series and Tr60 Series: From in-wall to bracket mount, our all-weather products are perfect for traditional outdoor installations.

LuminSound Landscape Series: The 10 inch landscape mount and 32 inch bollard are available with multiple lighting options to meet your pathway and landscape demands.

Custom Cabinet and Grill Design: Work with us to provide cabinet finishes that match your install environment, or to design grills that accent and amplify your message.

Custom Sound Design: If you need insights or expertise on designing your install, we are here to help.

Generous Guarantees: We provide lifetime and longer-than-industry-average limited guarantees on all our products.

Our All-Weather Speakers are Built to Last