Terra connection options

Terra™ is now including this advanced direct burial wiring connector with all our AC series speakers configured with our “pig-tail” input or water-proof quick connector. Additionally, it’s included with our LuminSound™ bollard both for the 12-volt LED lighting and the speaker connections. And if you’d like, you can buy the connectors alone directly from us as well. This extremely rugged and waterproof connector has been specifically developed for the landscape lighting industry and allows you to easily  hook up both the low-voltage LED lighting and/or speaker level wires without soldering, crimping or using shrink tubing. Use these and you’ve essentially got a weatherproof connect it and forget it wiring system.

The molded connector is filled with high density silicone and has three wiring “ports”. After the wires have been stripped and inserted in their respective orifice, the connector is clamped shut. This not only holds the stranded wires securely, it forces the silicone to fill around the wires, effectively sealing them against corrosion from moisture.

The two larger openings accept up to 10 ga. stranded wire while the smaller port accepts up to 18 ga. stranded. Each connector, although it has three ports, is for a single leg of wiring so two are required for   each speaker or the low-voltage lighting connections. The connector has been designed from the outset to be buried without concern for moisture and offers extreme long-term reliability.

The inclusion of this connector with our speakers is another example of the extra lengths Terra takes to ensure the long term performance and reliability of our products. Please see the following instructions  and application notes.

Installation Instructions

Always use caution. Turn off power. Use on electrical circuits of 300 volts or less. Installation should always comply with local and national codes.

Connector ConnectorJPEG