“It’s hard to deny the value of Terra’s landscape series if only for the fact that there really isn’t anything else on the market quite like it.” – Residential Systems

Our outdoor and all-weather products are perfect for residential backyard and landscape settings.

Installed on patios, decks, tennis courts and other residential systems from Maine to Southern California — they are built to withstand and thrive in extreme conditions. Our LuminSound Landscape series can, in addition to delivering beautiful audio, cast equally beautiful light in a number of different styles.

Finally, our custom printing makes creating specialized finishes, that can blend into nearly any install, possible.

Products for Backyard

LS LuminSound Landscape Series: Our signature and celebrated landscape series is available as both a 10 inch landscape mount and 32 inch bollard. Each are available with multiple lighting options that bring your installation’s mood and ambiance to another level.

Tr50 Series and Tr60 Series: These bracket-mounted, all-weather solutions are the perfect accompaniment for filling out many outdoor installations.

Tr Sub 12: Our all weather in-ground subwoofer is perfect for bringing some bass to your landscape or deck installation.

Custom Cabinet and Grill Design: Work with us to provide cabinet finishes that match your install environment.

Custom Sound Design: If you need assistance designing your install, we are here to help.

Generous Guarantees: We provide lifetime and longer-than-industry-average limited guarantees on all our products.

Our All-Weather Speakers are Built to Last