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May 01

We are so excited to be a Leon company

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To say that yesterday was a whirlwind would be an understatement. We have been working toward this acquisition for quite some time, and to see it come together as it did yesterday here at the Leon headquarters was beautiful. This is a company we love, admire, and with which we share values and to come together with them in this way is an honor. We will continue making speakers in Maine and... Read More »

Apr 30

Leon Speakers Acquires Terra Speakers

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE | DOWNLOAD IMAGES HERE Leon Speakers Acquires Terra Speakers, Expanding their Portfolio of All-Weather, American-Made Audio The two companies announced their merger today which will add dozens of products to Leon’s current portfolio, bringing more American-made audio than ever to their dealerbase Ann Arbor, MI – (April 30, 2018) – Today Leon Speakers... Read More »

Mar 22

We won another Maine Technology Institute Seed Grant!

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We are excited to announce that we have been awarded our second Maine Technology Institute Seed Grant. Where our first grant helped us to develop the overhaul and relaunch of our All Climate Series (specifically the FIVE model), this grant will help us to develop new iterations of our LuminSound series. It will also help us keep growing our production here in the state. We are excited to... Read More »

Mar 12

Outdoor speaker and sound installation obstacles

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Live Sound International published an interesting article by Andy Coules in the January 2018 edition concerning sound in the great outdoors. Although the article is mainly focused on large venue installations several points of interest relate to residential and light commercial outdoor sound installs as well. We are going to summarize several of those points here but suggest that you check... Read More »

Dec 18

Great CE business tips by CE Pro

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If you haven't already, check out this great list of tried and true CE business tips compiled by our friend Johnnie Sanchez. They're all great, but a few in particular really resonated based on our experience to date: 5. Do Right by the Client  Absolutely. No extrapolation necessary, but we believe this fundamentally. As we make everything right here on site, from where we also... Read More »

Dec 11

Our Katahdin concrete bookshelf speakers are in CEPro

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Our American-made concrete bookshelf speakers — the Katahdin Series — was on the receiving end of some great coverage by way of Robert Archer at CEPro: Terra Speakers is launching a new line speakers called Katahdin, featuring cabinets made of concrete and recycled materials. More from the piece: "We are still working on the crossover—and we are switching to powder-coated... Read More »

Nov 07

Sound design for museums and art installations

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This article is a few years old, but it offers an interesting take on how museums are using sound design in installations. “The art of sound questions how and what we hear, and what we make of it,” the curator Barbara London writes in her catalog essay to the Modern show — which means the movement has purchase on a lot that matters. Perched in an office high above MoMA’s garden,... Read More »

Nov 05

And we're back!

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I mean... We never really went anywhere, but after the surreal storm that hit us last week we were without power for the next 7 days. All of this, by the way, came after writing a post about how unpredictable weather calls for indestructible speakers like ours. We ended up cranking out speakers by generator power, headlamps and candlelight because this is Maine and Mainers persevere. This... Read More »