Nov 05

70 Volt Distributed Audio Systems

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Most of us are familiar with impedance matching for distributed audio systems. Resistive and autoformer impedance matching volume controls, unrealistic wattage ratings and more can conspire to make your life difficult if you've got lots of speakers to install for a distributed audio system. Feat not. There's another more effective and efficient way to solve this problem. Originally used... Read More »

Sep 04

Wire losses in audio systems

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As you're probably aware, connect a speaker to an amplifier with wires and you're going to have power losses. Resistance due to wire length and gauge are the primary problems and there is no shortage of wire loss calculators available on the Internet. Note that we aren't talking about speaker impedance here (4 Ohm, 8 Ohm, etc.) nor are we talking about series or parallel connection methods.... Read More »