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Aug 19

Terra Introduces RGB Color and Dimming to its LED Light and Sound Bollard

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All the colors of the spectrum and variable intensity add to lightscaping flexibility and beauty. Terra is dramatically upping the flexibility of the LED lighting section in its Patent Pending LS.32 lighting and sound bollard by making RGB color and dimming options available. Designer/installers will soon be able to give their clients the option of choosing white or colored illumination for... Read More »

Jan 17

Are you suffering from Seasonal Affective (sales) Disorder?

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Even in those areas where Winters are relatively mild, installations of outdoor residential audio slow down. And in those areas where Winter really takes hold, outdoor sound sales pretty much slow to a trickle along with most installations based around new construction and remodeling. Winter doesn't affect all areas the same way. For those living along the Southern tier of the US,... Read More »

Sep 04

Wire losses in audio systems

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As you're probably aware, connect a speaker to an amplifier with wires and you're going to have power losses. Resistance due to wire length and gauge are the primary problems and there is no shortage of wire loss calculators available on the Internet. Note that we aren't talking about speaker impedance here (4 Ohm, 8 Ohm, etc.) nor are we talking about series or parallel connection methods.... Read More »

Oct 01

Surge suppressors for outdoor speaker wires

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Over the past couple of years we've recommended connecting your outdoor speakers through a Panamax module (MOD-SPKP) designed to reduce the risk of connected equipment damage from outdoor surges. We're not talking about surges created by anomalies in the AC electrical system or your power amplifier running amuck. We're concerned here with nearby lighting strikes causing surges to travel into the... Read More »