May 26

Let's consider the art of the demo [Part II: Movies!]

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Whether you’re an AV pro performing demos for your clients or you’re a proud homeowner who’d like to show off your system to a friend, the following should be of value to you. (This is, by the way, part two of our three part series on demo tips. If you're at InfoComm, please visit us at booth #N2519.) A brief overview: People pursuing a demo typically want to experiences three... Read More »

Feb 29

CE Pro shot James' Bozak inspired tattoo while at ISE!

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While at ISE, the fine folks at CE Pro shot James' Bozak inspired tattoo: "Terra Speakers principal James Banfield stopped by the Custom Home stand to show off his tattoo, while hinting at some new collaborations between Terra and Leon Speakers. 'On my arm is a speaker magnetizer from the 1950’s. Originally it was used by Rudy Bozak in the old days when Bozak was in CT. We used it for... Read More »

Jan 25

What do we mean when we say "Lifetime Warranty"?

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Ours means that our outdoor lines, which all come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty, amount to an investment. You buy them once and that's it. You have them for life. No more replacement costs or fees. We do this because we know for sure that they last and last and last. One and done. Here are some additional points of interest: The Terra Limited Lifetime Warranty is transferrable.... Read More »

Jan 23

Are AV tattoos tax deductible?

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So James is getting this awesome tattoo done by Chris Dingwell. He wanted to get something audio related, and wanted to go for an Art Deco / Art Nouveau inspired theme because it is an interest he shared in common with his late father. The image is of a magnetizer is from the Bozak years dated back to the 1950s. James and Dingwell talked through these concepts, discussed an interest in... Read More »

Jan 17

Are you suffering from Seasonal Affective (sales) Disorder?

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Even in those areas where Winters are relatively mild, installations of outdoor residential audio slow down. And in those areas where Winter really takes hold, outdoor sound sales pretty much slow to a trickle along with most installations based around new construction and remodeling. Winter doesn't affect all areas the same way. For those living along the Southern tier of the US,... Read More »