May 26

Let's consider the art of the demo [Part II: Movies!]

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Whether you’re an AV pro performing demos for your clients or you’re a proud homeowner who’d like to show off your system to a friend, the following should be of value to you. (This is, by the way, part two of our three part series on demo tips. If you're at InfoComm, please visit us at booth #N2519.) A brief overview: People pursuing a demo typically want to experiences three... Read More »

May 19

As InfoComm approaches, let's consider the art of the demo [Part I]

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InfoComm is just around the corner and so we're thinking a lot about the processes and rituals involved in the art of the demo. Before we proceed, though, we just want to say that we hope you'll visit us at booth #N2519. So anyway, it's a foregone conclusion that demonstrating high quality audio is the best way to sell it. For all those people who say, “I really can’t hear the... Read More »

Jul 08

Have you seen us all over the news? Here we are all over the news.

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June was an insanely busy month and it's hard to believe that Independence Day has come and gone. Soon enough, Summer will be behind us and Autumn will be here. No need to get grim, though. We've gotten a lot of great press recently and we wanted to make sure you've seen and heard it. RAVE covered the LS.32 in this InfoComm Video: James appeared on a special InfoComm edition of... Read More »

May 15

Outdoor speakers, indoor speakers, and InfoComm15! Oh my!

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Here in Maine it felt like the Winter was never going to end. Some of our All Climate lines were buried in the snow for up to 6 months and that snow kept on coming and coming and coming. Now, though, Spring is here in full effect. The temperatures are reaching the 80s and soon it will be in the 90s. For those of us North Americans who endure seasonal changes, we have entered the... Read More »

Jun 19

We have some great things going on at InfoComm 2014

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If you happen to be here, we hope you will come by and see us at booth #N117. We are featuring all of our products, including our newly launched LS.10 and our updated grills for the AC Series. Yesterday were fortunate to talk with rAVe about our LS Series and our AC Series. Also, we complied a list of off-the-beaten-path things to check out while visiting Las Vegas AND we are offering... Read More »