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Sep 14

[VIDEO] Our all weather speakers are made in the USA

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We talk so much about this because it's so central to our identity, but our speakers are made right here in here in Maine. This includes all of our products, all weather, indoor commercial, and everything in between. It is because we make them here that we are able to offer a lifetime guarantee on our all weather products and a much longer than industry standard guarantees on our indoor... Read More »

Dec 15

Testing new brackets for the CAMM Commercial Series

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We are testing new mounting brackets designed for our CAMM DT-800 speaker. Installed, this model weighs 70 lbs. With this new bracket, there is both a wall and a speaker mount. The wall mount is outfitted with a female connection, the speaker mount with a bracket featuring a pin. The pin can be dropped into the wall mount to support the mounted speaker. Once joined, the installer can adjust the... Read More »

Nov 24

House of worship sound design, Pope Francis and our CAMM line in Sound + Communications

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When Pope Francis made his historic visit to the United States back in September, one of his stops included delivering mass at Cathedral Basilica of SS Peter and Paul in Philadelphia. In order to prepare for the event, and for the influx of a large, enthusiastic audience, Steve Minozzi and Monte Bros. outfitted the Cathedral with a substantial new sound system. Nearly 3 dozen speakers... Read More »

May 15

Outdoor speakers, indoor speakers, and InfoComm15! Oh my!

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Here in Maine it felt like the Winter was never going to end. Some of our All Climate lines were buried in the snow for up to 6 months and that snow kept on coming and coming and coming. Now, though, Spring is here in full effect. The temperatures are reaching the 80s and soon it will be in the 90s. For those of us North Americans who endure seasonal changes, we have entered the... Read More »