[VIDEO] Our all weather speakers are made in the USA


We talk so much about this because it’s so central to our identity, but our speakers are made right here in here in Maine. This includes all of our products, all weather, indoor commercial, and everything in between. It is because we make them here that we are able to offer a lifetime guarantee on our all weather products and a much longer than industry standard guarantees on our indoor products.

In fact, we are just part of a substantial tradition in Maine-manufactured goodness. There are a lot of wonderful products manufactured in Maine, likely the most famous of which are L.L. Bean’s world famous boots (have you heard this great This American Life piece on their lifetime guarantee?) Other great products include wallets by Rogue Industries and Flowfold, sunglasses by Trap Eyewear, and handcrafted furniture by Thos Moser. This is, of course, just to identify the tippity top of the iceberg.

This video tracks Richard through the process of building a speaker from the tweeter up at our manufacturing facility here in Brunswick, Maine. Enjoy.