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Dec 18

Great CE business tips by CE Pro

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If you haven't already, check out this great list of tried and true CE business tips compiled by our friend Johnnie Sanchez. They're all great, but a few in particular really resonated based on our experience to date: 5. Do Right by the Client  Absolutely. No extrapolation necessary, but we believe this fundamentally. As we make everything right here on site, from where we also... Read More »

Nov 24

House of worship sound design, Pope Francis and our CAMM line in Sound + Communications

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When Pope Francis made his historic visit to the United States back in September, one of his stops included delivering mass at Cathedral Basilica of SS Peter and Paul in Philadelphia. In order to prepare for the event, and for the influx of a large, enthusiastic audience, Steve Minozzi and Monte Bros. outfitted the Cathedral with a substantial new sound system. Nearly 3 dozen speakers... Read More »

Sep 23

Our speakers will help to amplify Pope Francis' voice!

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We are psyched to point out that when the Cathedral Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul plays The Pontifical Anthem and March (Inno e Marcia Pontificale) at the mass Pope Francis will deliver on Saturday, the hymn (and the mass itself) will be amplified through our Maine-made speakers. Along with the chair fashioned for the Pontif by Thos. Moser, this is another in a collection of... Read More »

Nov 12

CAMM is coming: One of many exciting new Terra developments in 2015

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This is more of a sneak peak than an announcement, but this is just one of many exciting things coming in 2015. We are known for our American made lines of all-weather, outdoor speakers, but we also manufacture a line called CAMM that is utilized in countless houses of worship throughout the world. Because of its quality production and lifetime warranty, this line is also becoming... Read More »