Our speakers will help to amplify Pope Francis’ voice!

White ES-915 Altar Mic

We are psyched to point out that when the Cathedral Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul plays The Pontifical Anthem and March (Inno e Marcia Pontificale) at the mass Pope Francis will deliver on Saturday, the hymn (and the mass itself) will be amplified through our Maine-made speakers.

Along with the chair fashioned for the Pontif by Thos. Moser, this is another in a collection of Maine-manufactured connections to Francis’ U.S. visit.

Installed in the cathedral as of last week are three dozen of our speakers from the CAMM Series.

Below are some images of the speakers in the setting of the cathedral.  Models include CAMM DT-800s, CAMM Custom Cabinet DT-100s, CAMM DT-400s, CAMM DT-100s, and CA 43Ls.