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Sep 14

[VIDEO] Our all weather speakers are made in the USA

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We talk so much about this because it's so central to our identity, but our speakers are made right here in here in Maine. This includes all of our products, all weather, indoor commercial, and everything in between. It is because we make them here that we are able to offer a lifetime guarantee on our all weather products and a much longer than industry standard guarantees on our indoor... Read More »

Jul 08

Custom printing and branding on our speakers is a big hit

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Happy Friday, friends. We wanted to send a quick note to let you know that we are seeing more and more orders for custom printed grills and screens from detail and brand conscious customers. Above you can see one of our All Climate 16s with a custom printed logo from a deck install at a restaurant . And here you can see our DT-400s installed at the tasting room of Bissell Brothers'... Read More »

Mar 03

Tips for running low voltage wiring

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This is a wide ranging subject that includes many topics. We’ll try to hit the main highlights in this brief overview using bullet points for efficiency. Always use wire properly rated for the location. Class 2 and 3 wiring (CL2, CL3) are power limited cables for general purpose use. These are the most common cables for use in low voltage installations. CL2R and CL3R are the same as... Read More »

Jan 22

Are these speakers grown locally?

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That's Richard. He just made those speakers (DT-400s from our CAMM Series, to be exact), which are headed down to Portland for installation in Rhum, a new bar and restaurant. Here in Maine there is this big culinary renaissance happening, and a huge part of that is an emphasis on what is grown, cultivated, and brewed locally. What is especially awesome is that more and more of those... Read More »

Sep 23

Our speakers will help to amplify Pope Francis' voice!

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We are psyched to point out that when the Cathedral Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul plays The Pontifical Anthem and March (Inno e Marcia Pontificale) at the mass Pope Francis will deliver on Saturday, the hymn (and the mass itself) will be amplified through our Maine-made speakers. Along with the chair fashioned for the Pontif by Thos. Moser, this is another in a collection of... Read More »