Mar 10

Considerations for distributed audio in commercial installations

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You see them everywhere; retail stores, coffee shops, bars and restaurants and more. Up on or near the ceiling, commercial loud playing background music. Sometimes you can hear them clearly, but many times they’re turned down to the point of being inaudible or there are large gaps in their coverage so they’re audible up close though they effectively disappear just a few steps away.... Read More »

Dec 15

Testing new brackets for the CAMM Commercial Series

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We are testing new mounting brackets designed for our CAMM DT-800 speaker. Installed, this model weighs 70 lbs. With this new bracket, there is both a wall and a speaker mount. The wall mount is outfitted with a female connection, the speaker mount with a bracket featuring a pin. The pin can be dropped into the wall mount to support the mounted speaker. Once joined, the installer can adjust the... Read More »

Oct 08

Introducing the AC FIVE

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FIVE is an updated twist on our Classic line of All Climate speakers. The redesigned cabinets feature a modern, angled look and feature our Maine-made drivers. Every component part of the AC Series remains carefully designed and manufactured to deliver reliable sound for years without maintenance or special care. Models can be mixed, matched and combined by way of brackets and a seamless... Read More »

Jan 22

Our all-climate flush-mount speakers are perfect for almost every application

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We have been making our CA series flush-mount all climate speakers since we founded in 1999. In the intervening years these high quality speakers have been installed in thousands of climate challenged locations, providing exceptional music reproduction in unexpected places. In hopes of prompting you to think “outside the bathroom,” so to speak, we offer these alternative examples of... Read More »