Sep 06

Should you be installing surge suppressors? Absolutely.

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When installing a surge suppressor on outdoor speaker wires, the goal isn’t to absorb a full-on direct lightning strike. It’s for the much more common situation where lightning strikes the earth nearby. Actually, the claim is that strikes up to a quarter mile away can induce high enough voltages in outdoor wires to cause serious damage to electronics. This induced current courses through... Read More »

Jan 22

Our all-climate flush-mount speakers are perfect for almost every application

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We have been making our CA series flush-mount all climate speakers since we founded in 1999. In the intervening years these high quality speakers have been installed in thousands of climate challenged locations, providing exceptional music reproduction in unexpected places. In hopes of prompting you to think “outside the bathroom,” so to speak, we offer these alternative examples of... Read More »

Sep 18

It's time to look toward the future of outdoor sound

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We had a great time at CEDIA Expo last week. If you stopped by, thanks so much for doing so. We will be in touch with you about our product lines soon. While there, we hosted a breakfast and had the opportunity to catch up with some of our reps and dealers. We talked about 2015, a year around which there appears to be a great deal of optimism. From Terra, you will find a continued roll-out... Read More »