Our all-climate flush-mount speakers are perfect for almost every application

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We have been making our CA series flush-mount all climate speakers since we founded in 1999. In the intervening years these high quality speakers have been installed in thousands of climate challenged locations, providing exceptional music reproduction in unexpected places.

In hopes of prompting you to think “outside the bathroom,” so to speak, we offer these alternative examples of places you could use the CA series. Don’t forget that the brand new CA series has upgraded sonic performance from significantly improved crossover networks. The new, attractive micro-perforated grilles with ultra-slim edging lets them blend almost seamlessly into the surrounding surface.

CA series speakers are IP65 rated for moisture, salt spray and chlorine mist exposure without harm. The aluminum micro-perf grilles are powder coated for durability and their ultra-slim edge ring is rated UV stable. The grille and trim ring can be painted if desired to match the surrounding wall surface. Sealing the installation by running a bead of silicone caulk around the rear of the assembly during installation to keep water from seeping into the wall cavity is all that’s required for a long term all climate install.


  • Bathrooms: Including directly over bathtubs and within shower stalls.
  • Saunas: Only one caveat; CA models shouldn’t be located directly above the heat source. Other than that, there are no restrictions.
  • Steam Rooms: The only rule is that the speakers shouldn’t be located directly above the steam generator outlet or any source of high heat.
  • Exterior Walls: As long as the back of the assembly itself is properly and carefully sealed with silicone caulk when it’s installed to keep moisture from getting behind the speaker, into the walls, outdoor exposure is not a problem. There’s no need to limit them to under the eaves locations or to hide them from the elements.
  • Garages, Sheds, Workspaces: Install just as in interior walls. Cold temps or high humidity from wet cars or melting snow won’t adversely affect them.
  • Pool Areas: CA models can be installed in pool houses and pool rooms. They will be unaffected by high humidity or high levels of chlorine including being splashed by pool water.


  • ships large and small
  • marine construction
  • salt and fresh water 

CA series speakers can be installed inside ship cabins as well as fully exposed to the elements as long as the rear face of the flange is sealed with silicone upon installation, as noted above.


  • outdoor seating areas of restaurants and bars
  • industrial locations
  • warehouses
  • schools (gyms, offices, pools, etc.)
  • houses of worship
  • offices
  • health clubs
  • spas
  • country clubs
  • marinas
  • municipal pools


When prearranged, we can provide custom back boxes and produce 70 Volt versions of CA speakers. Contact us for further details.

Practically speaking there is almost no location that would preclude your installing CA series speakers. They allow you to bring music to just about any area where people work or gather.

And don’t forget that we believe our products are among the finest of their kind available. And so we stand behind them with a Limited Lifetime Warranty to protect you from any defects in our workmanship or manufacturing process. We’ll even go so far as to extend our Limited Lifetime Warranty to cover defects due to environmental exposure (with a few reasonable restrictions).