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CA Series Indoor/Outdoor

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The CA (Custom Application) series from Terra provides that same all-climate made in Maine endurance as the AC Series but with speakers designed to be mounted almost flush within walls or ceilings. CA models can be installed in almost any location you can imagine; shower stalls, hot tub locations, saunas (not directly over the heat source), pool houses, exposed to the elements, even on ocean going ships. The CA Series provides excellent sound, unobtrusive visuals and true all-climate capability.



  • Do Terra speakers carry any certifications for all-climate capability?

    Terra speakers have been tested to meet IP67 ratings for dust and moisture exposure. Additionally they meet or exceed the basic requirements for environmental exposure described in MIL-STD-810G, which addresses a broad range of adverse environmental conditions.

    Our speakers can be exposed to salt spray and chlorine mist in addition to operating at temperatures ranging from 5 to 175 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Can Terra speakers be fully exposed to the elements? Define “fully exposed” and “all weather”.

    Every Terra speaker is designed to be exposed to the elements and will withstand such exposure for years (Limited Lifetime Warranty). Even our CA series in-wall/in-ceiling models can be installed with their fronts exposed to the elements. CA series models are also rated to be installed in “difficult” indoor locations such as saunas, steam rooms and pool houses. Unlike so many other “outdoor” speakers, Terra products are built to marine grade standards to withstand the rigors of full environmental exposure (including salt) over the long haul while providing exceptional sound reproduction all the while.

  • Can the CA series be retrofitted after construction is done?

    Yes installing them in an already built house is easy and secure. The most complex part will be running the wires to them if they weren’t pre-run during construction.

  • Can the CA series be used in a 70 volt installation?

    Yes, we can install 70 volt transformers on the CA series on an optional, special order basis.

  • What kind of wire connectors are used on the CA series?

    We use high grade gold plated spring loaded terminals. They will accept stranded wires up to 12 gauge. “Tinning” stranded wire with solder can be beneficial to ensure long term, reliable connections. We do recommend that you use dielectric grease to protect the connections.

  • Are the CA series completely weather-proof too?

    Yes, even though they are designed for in-ceiling/in-wall mounting, the fronts of all CA model can be fully exposed to the elements without concern. This includes salt spray and chlorine mist as well so if they’re installed in a pool house or near a hot tub it’s OK. They can also be installed in a sauna (not above the heat source).

    We n that a bead of silicone sealant (only use silicone as other sealants may damage the speaker assembly) between the back of the CA assembly and the surface it’s mounting in to keep water from getting behind the speaker and into the wall cavity.

  • Can I use CA models in a distributed audio system indoors in rooms that don’t have any environmental concerns?

    Certainly. The CA series, like every Terra speaker, is built right here in Maine to deliver the highest audio performance and quality of construction possible. They will provide exceptional sound quality and rugged durability for years to come, no matter where they’re installed.

  • Do you offer system design and speaker coverage information?

    Our engineers are here to help with all aspects of system design. Simply give us a call at 207.725.1005 during business hours EST or e-mail us at