What do we mean when we say “Lifetime Warranty”?


Ours means that our outdoor lines, which all come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty, amount to an investment. You buy them once and that’s it. You have them for life. No more replacement costs or fees. We do this because we know for sure that they last and last and last.

One and done.

Here are some additional points of interest:

  1. The Terra Limited Lifetime Warranty is transferrable. If the home is sold with the speakers, all the installer or new owner has to do is contact us at 207.725.1005 and if everything is in order (proof of purchase for the original installation, etc.), we’ll take care of transferring the warranty to the new owner. This is another way our warranty stands above the rest.
  2. Terra speakers can be fully exposed to the elements regardless of the climate they’re installed in or where they’re installed. Be wary of warranties that specify that the speakers must be installed out of the weather, under the eaves or taken indoors during harsh winter months. We don’t do that; our products are actually built to last.
  3. Terra covers performance or integrity degradation caused by exposure to “normal” weather conditions in addition to quality of workmanship and manufacturing. Only Acts of God weather conditions aren’t covered. Again, be careful with “Lifetime Warranties” that exclude damage due to weather and/or sun exposure. Of course everything that’s continually exposed to the sun will eventually show some color shift, but should any Terra enclosure type speaker show severe color shift, we’ll also cover that under warranty.
  4. Terra speakers are covered for light commercial applications. Many other warranties exclude speakers installed in such locations. We’re not sure why, actually. (Obvious abuse like overdriving the speakers or allowing them to be submerged in water isn’t covered by any company, no matter whether it has occurred in a residential or commercial setting.)

The Terra limited Lifetime Warranty appears to be the best in the business. Another plus for you and your clients.