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May 06

Outdoor Speaker Planning and Installation Tips

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Distinguish the differences between outdoor speakers. Many outdoor speakers need to be placed under the eaves for  protection from the elements. Higher quality speakers like Terra can be fully exposed and therefore placed almost anywhere. This allows for greater flexibility in system design and enhanced performance without worry. To get some landscaping done you can call in experts... Read More »

Apr 04

Waterproofing, Water Resistance and the NEC

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Chuck Planek, President of Home Engineers Inc, recently asked us to write on waterproofing and water resistance, and their meanings as defined by the NEC. What exactly is the NEC (National Electrical Code)? Note that the NEC isn't a law in and of itself. It's a series of articles detailing recommended practices concerning electrical wiring and installations. If your local municipality or... Read More »

Mar 19

Terra Speakers Newsletter: March 19, 2013

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It's been a long time coming but Winter is on the wane and warmer weather is on the horizon (even though it's snowing here in Maine as I write this). Remember, the time to begin promoting Terra's unique, high performance all-climate speakers is now for jobs being quoted for Spring/Summer and Fall installation. Help your most important clients and prospects understand what's important to them... Read More »

Sep 04

Wire losses in audio systems

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As you're probably aware, connect a speaker to an amplifier with wires and you're going to have power losses. Resistance due to wire length and gauge are the primary problems and there is no shortage of wire loss calculators available on the Internet. Note that we aren't talking about speaker impedance here (4 Ohm, 8 Ohm, etc.) nor are we talking about series or parallel connection methods.... Read More »

Oct 01

Surge suppressors for outdoor speaker wires

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Over the past couple of years we've recommended connecting your outdoor speakers through a Panamax module (MOD-SPKP) designed to reduce the risk of connected equipment damage from outdoor surges. We're not talking about surges created by anomalies in the AC electrical system or your power amplifier running amuck. We're concerned here with nearby lighting strikes causing surges to travel into the... Read More »