Mid-Summer Update on all things Terra


Here is everything that is happening at our newly expanded Terra manufacturing facility here in Maine.


General Business: This Summer is turning out to be gangbusters for our all-climate speakers! We’ve been working extra hours just trying to keep up with demand. Many thanks to all those who’ve been recommending and installing our speakers. We are incredibly grateful.


LS [LuminSound] Series:  The LS.32 light and sound bollard and its sound-only sibling, the LS.10, has been gradually increasing in popularity ever since its introduction. We’ve persistently had a great number of large orders for multiple units including one for ten LS.32s and ten LS.10s. It’s gratifying to see these unique products getting the attention they deserve, both in residential and light commercial applications. Don’t forget, we can provide a “locking bar” for commercial applications to keep the LS.32 head from turning after it’s been properly aimed. Note too that the bollard now can be ordered with dimmable RGB lighting using industry standard DMX controllers. You can order a basic controller from us as well.

TERRA PRODUCT 04.27.16-2364 (1)

AC [All Climate] FIVE Series: The brand new FIVE Series (designed in conjunction with our great friends at Leon Speakers) is now shipping in limited quantities. We’re filling the back orders as quickly as we can and we should be in a stocking situation by mid to late August. Reaction to their look and sound quality has been extraordinary.


Custom Enclosure Finishes: Our new custom enclosure finishes for the AC Classic and FIVE Series is garnering substantial interest. We’ve had several special orders already and a great deal more are in the pipeline. They’re all-climate capable and UV resistant. Due to their finish, they aren’t scratch proof so care should be used during installation.


Printed Grilles: We’re now able to provide custom printed logos or words on the cloth grilles of the CAMM commercial series speakers and laser etched logos on our metal AC, CA and FIVE series grilles. The laser etching exposes the underlying aluminum grille material through the powder coated color. Then we clearcoat the grille with a protective layer. This has proven to be particularly successful in commercial applications. We can work with your client to ensure that they get exactly what they’re looking for during the design process.

Let us know how you are doing, and as always, please do send us pictures of your Terra installations!