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Apr 18

Proper sound design is your (and your restaurant's) friend

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We realize that music is essential for shaping our experiences: Music is capable of producing some of the strongest emotional reactions in humans, whether it's joy, sadness, fear or nostalgia. It's interesting to note than people from a diverse range of cultures and backgrounds will often agree on whether a piece of music sounds happy or sad - for this reason music is often considered the... Read More »

Mar 29

Automated Outdoor Lighting is "Hot" for 2016

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It turns out that a good deal of American families are planning outdoor renovations this year, and a healthy chunk of those folks are in the market for outdoor lighting solutions. As such, we'd love to remind you that the LS.32 offers an attractive solution to both lighting and audio needs. As they are part of our outdoor lines, they are also perfect in that they come backed with a limited... Read More »

Jan 25

What do we mean when we say "Lifetime Warranty"?

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Ours means that our outdoor lines, which all come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty, amount to an investment. You buy them once and that's it. You have them for life. No more replacement costs or fees. We do this because we know for sure that they last and last and last. One and done. Here are some additional points of interest: The Terra Limited Lifetime Warranty is transferrable.... Read More »

Jan 22

Are these speakers grown locally?

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That's Richard. He just made those speakers (DT-400s from our CAMM Series, to be exact), which are headed down to Portland for installation in Rhum, a new bar and restaurant. Here in Maine there is this big culinary renaissance happening, and a huge part of that is an emphasis on what is grown, cultivated, and brewed locally. What is especially awesome is that more and more of those... Read More »

Dec 15

Testing new brackets for the CAMM Commercial Series

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We are testing new mounting brackets designed for our CAMM DT-800 speaker. Installed, this model weighs 70 lbs. With this new bracket, there is both a wall and a speaker mount. The wall mount is outfitted with a female connection, the speaker mount with a bracket featuring a pin. The pin can be dropped into the wall mount to support the mounted speaker. Once joined, the installer can adjust the... Read More »