Dec 02

Considerations for your all weather home theater

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This post about considerations for setting up your home theater has a lot of great ideas and is well worth checking out. That said, this line made us chuckle: "By all means, place your components well away from the swimming pool and BBQ grill. Be aware of humidity, smoke, water, etc... If you live in one of the Southern States, where it can get very humid, you may not want to place your... Read More »

Nov 18

Terra talks Wallin Monitors, Subs, All Weather Speakers, and more with rAVe

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October was a busy month, and November is shaping up to be another. While at CEDIA in Dallas we were on the receiving end of some great coverage by way of rAVe. They checked out our new Wallin Monitor Series and rediscovered our all weather AC.SUB. You can learn more about the Wallin Monitor Series here, and the AC.SUB here.   We then appeared as guests of the great... Read More »

Sep 09

3 tips for in-wall and in-ceiling speaker installations

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It's not always as simple as it may seem... In many cases installers may not really understand such subtleties as speaker positioning in custom (or even not so custom) install applications. So we’d like to offer some guidelines that you may or may not be aware of. Should you know all this stuff, just consider this a refresher. We also want to remind you that the entire Terra CA series is... Read More »

Sep 02

Introducing LED RGB color and dimming to the Lighting and Sound Bollard

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Dimmable RGB color LED lamps now available Brunswick, ME – Terra’s popular American made LS.32 lighting and sound bollard has been upgraded with the addition of dimmable RGB color LED lamps utilizing professional DMX digital control. The original, non-dimmable warm white LED lamps are still available as a lower cost option as well. "We’re proud of this one-of-a-kind lighting and sound... Read More »

Jul 30

A few quick bits of Summer news from Terra Headquarters

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A few quick bits of news from Terra Headquarters: Thanks to the Maine Technology Institute, we were awarded a manufacturing grant to develop a new all weather product. We are extraordinarily excited to share more about that project soon. Speaking of which, CEDIA is just over two months out and we are getting a lot in order for what will prove to be an exciting show. We will be showing... Read More »