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May 02

Are there different speaker demands for music and movies?

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Audio purists will say a sound signal is a sound signal and a speaker should simply reproduce that signal without modifying it in any way. After all, high fidelity means highly faithful to the original. But when it comes to the audio content of movies and music there are typically some dramatic differences in the content itself. So even though the “Do no evil” concept of speaker... Read More »

Dec 02

Considerations for your all weather home theater

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This post about considerations for setting up your home theater has a lot of great ideas and is well worth checking out. That said, this line made us chuckle: "By all means, place your components well away from the swimming pool and BBQ grill. Be aware of humidity, smoke, water, etc... If you live in one of the Southern States, where it can get very humid, you may not want to place your... Read More »

Apr 08

Interview: Back in the Day with John Caldwell

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Back in the Day is an interview series in which we talk with veteran audio professionals about their careers and perspective on how things have changed over the years. This time around we talked with John Caldwell. Starting with a focus in car audio in 1979, he has been in the industry since his senior year of college. Caldwell moved to home automation in the early 90s. He is currently... Read More »