Considerations for your all weather home theater


This post about considerations for setting up your home theater has a lot of great ideas and is well worth checking out.

That said, this line made us chuckle:

“By all means, place your components well away from the swimming pool and BBQ grill. Be aware of humidity, smoke, water, etc… If you live in one of the Southern States, where it can get very humid, you may not want to place your video projector on the top shelf of your rack, but, instead, place it inside, or on a lower shelf (this may mean you need a taller rack with an additional interior shelf). This will help keep moisture out of the video projector as it heats up.”

Great suggestions. Don’t set your system on fire. Remember, though, that Terra products can handle high, high heats, super low temperatures, as well as humidity and salt. So no, don’t accidentally set them on fire, but they’re pretty well set to deal with anything else (and guaranteed accordingly).