Introducing LED RGB color and dimming to the Lighting and Sound Bollard


Dimmable RGB color LED lamps now available

Brunswick, ME – Terra’s popular American made LS.32 lighting and sound bollard has been upgraded with the addition of dimmable RGB color LED lamps utilizing professional DMX digital control. The original, non-dimmable warm white LED lamps are still available as a lower cost option as well.

“We’re proud of this one-of-a-kind lighting and sound outdoor system and happy to see it being installed in a significant number of residential and commercial applications,” said James Banfield, President of Terra. “The addition of color and dimming to the lighting section only enhances its flexibility and usefulness.”

The LS.32 with RGB is shipping with a DMX remote controller and a DMX decoder. These can control up to 12 Terra RGB lamps as a group. DMX is a lighting control standard that is an excellent choice for residential and commercial applications. DMX control can also be achieved with any number of existing smart control systems that have DMX interface options like Lutron, Crestron, Control4, AMX and others. This allows for setting up simple to elaborate DMX lighting control systems easily and affordably.

The LS.32 RGB can produce millions of colors and can be dimmed to approximately 15% of maximum output. The included controller allows for color choice and color cycling as desired. The lamps employed are multi-LED high output units that can be used for everything from bright architectural lighting to minimized mood lighting. As with other dimming lamps, running at reduced output will extend the useful life of the lamp substantially.

The basic Terra system will power and control up to 9 lamps simultaneously, including color choice and dimming level. The lamps are driven by a waterproof universal 110V – 250V AC to 12V power supply. The power supply is most affordable, so adding more bollards to the system is a simple and easy task. If individual lamp control is desired, a separate decoder must be employed for each lamp.

The LS.32 can be ordered with an up light, a down light or both. The waterproof LED lamps are mounted in cast aluminum “eyeball” assemblies that allow 30 degrees of aiming. The upper third of the bollard houses a high performance weatherproof Terra-built 5 ¼-inch co-axial driver. The speaker housing rotates 358 degrees to allow aiming the sound independently from the lighting. A built-in 70 volt transformer with 8 Ohm pass through is mounted behind the rust-proof grille. As with all Terra outdoor speakers, the LS.32 comes with a transferable Limited Lifetime Warranty that covers environmental damage, short of Acts of God.
Terra has recently been awarded US Patent # 9,004,706 B1 for the LS.32.

Terra manufactures exceptionally high-quality enclosure type, lighting and sound bollards, flush mount weatherproof loudspeakers and the CAMM line of indoor sound reinforcement speakers in Brunswick, ME. Terra has been providing superior all weather and commercial sound products into the residential custom installation, light commercial and House of Worship markets since 1999.

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