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Feb 19

Tips for ensuring the longevity of all weather speakers

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We make our speaker systems as ruggedly durable as we possibly can, which is why they’re rated IP65 for all-climate use. Still, there are several tips we’d like to offer to help any outdoor speaker survive the rigors of all-climate use.   Do not place outdoor speakers where they’ll be fully or partially submerged in water. That also means you need to consider snow melt in... Read More »

Feb 02

Residential Systems covers the launch of the All Climate Series FIVE Line

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We were humbled to get a great deal of coverage from Residential Systems last week. They covered the upcoming launch of our FIVE Line: “We are excited to have developed these with design input from our friends at Leon Speakers,” said James Banfield, president of Terra. “The guys at Leon are also leaders in designing American-made AV and our relationship goes back to our development of... Read More »

Mar 25

Terra + CAMM Update | March 2015

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An update you on several things we’ve been working on: RGB/Dimming for the LS.32 bollard: We are evaluating DMX lighting control and some newer control systems that offer other options. We’re pretty close to a decision and hope to have more to tell you in the next 30 to 60 days. The new “frameless” CA series grilles: We’re shipping the CA.8 with its new grilles and they’re... Read More »

Oct 08

Terra Speakers was at CEDIA Expo and here's how it went

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CEDIA Expo has come and gone and we're thrilled with the turn out. We saw lots of old friends and a bunch of new ones. We showed the new LS.10 (pictured above) which expands the LS series and enables a Terra package that's especially adept at creating "hidden" outdoor installations. It also expands the reach of the LS.32 light and sound bollard by adding a sound only member to the series.... Read More »

Sep 12

LuminSound Outdoor Speaker Line featured in Technology Tell

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We were pleased to see that reviewer Dennis Burger took a look at our LuminSound LS.10 outdoor sound system. Burger wrote: "The combination landscape lighting and speaker system has apparently been a pretty big hit — so much so that Terra is now introducing a new model to the lineup: one that drops the lighting aspect and delivers a modified version of the LS.32′s speaker section in... Read More »