Tips for ensuring the longevity of all weather speakers


We make our speaker systems as ruggedly durable as we possibly can, which is why they’re rated IP65 for all-climate use. Still, there are several tips we’d like to offer to help any outdoor speaker survive the rigors of all-climate use.


  • Do not place outdoor speakers where they’ll be fully or partially submerged in water. That also means you need to consider snow melt in winter. Terra speakers can be buried under snow and easily withstand the melting process, but you want to make sure that melting snow won’t create a puddle or pond that submerges the speakers.
  • Avoid sand blasting caused by strong winds can be a concern with installations located directly adjacent to a beach area. Terra speakers are able to withstand pretty much anything, but over time the kind of sand blasting caused by strong winds can eventually degrade the appearance of the enclosures, brackets and grilles. The sand can also impact the performance of the drivers as it is forced through openings in the grill.
  • Mold and mildew won’t hurt the speakers but it’s best to keep them free of it. Speakers placed under the eaves and located on the North side of buildings are particularly susceptible to the formation of mold and mildew. Should any of our speakers show signs of this, you can clean them with Clorox® Outdoor Bleach, a soft brush and low pressure water. Just be sure not to spray pressurized water directly through the grill towards the drivers. A light spray/mist from a garden hose is preferred. Be sure to read the label and follow all directions on the Clorox bottle and protect any adjacent materials that can’t be exposed to bleach.
  • Finally, use silicone filled all-climate wiring connectors like the ones supplied with many Terra speakers or solder and seal any wiring connections. We also strongly recommend you use our our 48” burial grade pig-tail models over binding posts. Long term those binding posts, gold flashed or not, will corrode and/or rust severely degrading the wire connections.