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Jun 16

Non touristy things to do while in Las Vegas for InfoComm 2014

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Everybody knows that Las Vegas is famous for its entertainment and gambling scene, but the tourist thing can get a little rough—even for out-of-state visitors. We poked around and tried to find interesting, non-touristy, local-approved sites, establishments, restaurants and destinations that might be of interest to the adventurous InfoComm visitor (and anybody else who hopes to go... Read More »

May 14

Terra Speakers will be at the Technology & Business Summit on May 15th

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We will be at the Technology & Business Summit in Orange County on May 15th! The Technology & Business Summit is an education-oriented event highlighted with exhibits from some of the top manufacturers in the industry, featuring their newest & most exciting products. Will you be there? Please do come by and say hello!... Read More »

Oct 08

Terra Speakers was at CEDIA Expo and here's how it went

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CEDIA Expo has come and gone and we're thrilled with the turn out. We saw lots of old friends and a bunch of new ones. We showed the new LS.10 (pictured above) which expands the LS series and enables a Terra package that's especially adept at creating "hidden" outdoor installations. It also expands the reach of the LS.32 light and sound bollard by adding a sound only member to the series.... Read More »

Sep 25

Things to do, see, eat and drink while at CEDIA Expo

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We are happy to be in Denver for CEDIA13, and we hope to see you at our booth. If you are looking for something fun or interesting to do while you are here, we hope this list can help to point you into the right direction. Enjoy! Tammy Pescatelli will perform preform at the Denver Standup Comedy Club. Food and drink close to the event: The Yard House boasts a million beers (though... Read More »

Jul 09

InfoComm13 was a blast (in case you were wondering)

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James stands in front of the newly assembled Terra Speakers booth at InfoComm13  While we got back a few weeks ago, we wanted to let you know that we had an amazing time at the infoComm expo at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando. We met hundreds of folks to whom we introduced Terra for the first time, and connected with many more who have been familiar with our products for... Read More »

Jun 14

Congratulations to Kevin Burnley for winning a pair of AC.16s!

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Congratulations, Kevin! Kevin threw his hat into the ring by answering a few short questions about how he gets the word out about his products and services. Kevin is over at Creative Audio Video and Automation over in St. Louis. You can visit them online, on Facebook and on Twitter. We had the drawing for our AC.16s here at our infoComm booth, where we have been hearing amazing things... Read More »