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Sep 10

We're updating the look of the AC series enclosures

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We're updating the look of the AC series enclosures. We've re-designed the grilles which visually changes the overall shape of the speakers as seen from the front and sides. They appear more contemporary and slightly more angular. Overall, it's a worthwhile change and certainly freshens up their appearance. At the same time we'll be strengthening the grilles by forming them from an... Read More »

Apr 04

Installing flush mount speakers outdoors

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Terra CA.65WF.2R all weather flush mount speaker We're frequently asked about mounting all weather flush mount speakers like our CA series outdoors, exposed to the elements. It really makes little difference whether they're mounted outdoors or in a shower stall/sauna/steam room, the rules are the same: Choose a location with a flat surface. Be sure there's enough depth behind the... Read More »

Dec 06

Terra Speakers Newsletter: December 6, 2012

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We recently sent out new Terra price sheets. Like all manufacturers we were concerned because we had to pass along some price increases. The next day we received this response in an e-mail: Because of the quality along with the fact they are built here and my ability to tell my customer these are likely the finest all weather loudspeakers in the world, I will sell your products regardless of any... Read More »

Oct 22

The square Deck plate is now the "standard" mounting option

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Terra Loudspeakers' LS.32 outdoor LED lighting and sound bollard was initially introduced with a 30-inch heavy duty PVC pipe for mounting in the ground. However, several installations have demanded alternate mounting methods as we've described in an earlier e-mail blast. We've introduced two machined plates, one round and one square that bolt to the bottom of the bollard with stainless steel... Read More »

Jun 08

Waterproof Burial Connector

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Terra™ is now including this advanced direct burial wiring connector with all our AC series speakers  configured with our “pig-tail” input or water-proof quick connector. Additionally, it’s included with our  LuminSound™ bollard both for the 12-volt LED lighting and the speaker connections. And it you’d like,  you can buy the connectors alone directly from us as well. This... Read More »

Mar 08

Pro Sound vs. Residential Audio line levels

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We've presented less detailed information about this topic in the past but our ongoing  dealer and rep conversations lead us to believe it's still not fully understood by a significant number of installers out there. So we've reached out to that unassailable   bastion of higher learning, Wikipedia to help us provide more detailed descriptions and links. And we've done some further research and... Read More »