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Jun 22

[Not another] Finger-wagging post about millennials

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Finger-wagging think-pieces on millennials—like this one by AV Nation—rarely put the generation into appropriate context. According to a recent peerform review, you have nearly 100 million young people who ended up on the short end of an economy that has shifted nearly all profits from productivity to leadership and barely left workers and managers anything by way of increased profits... Read More »

Jan 12
Allagash Brewing - Portland ME

CE Pro reports on growth in 2015 and beyond

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There is an interesting piece in the January issue of CE Pro (we can't find the link on their website) about industry growth over the course of 2015. State of the Industry: Measured Growth examines integrator growth in 2015 and makes some guesses about 2016. According to the piece, integrators reported 9.1% revenue growth last year, "with a strong increase in the number of projects and... Read More »

Oct 15

Hello, Dallas! Stop on by and say hello at #CEDIA15

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We are excited to be here at CEDIA. If you're here too, please stop by Booth #2515 and say hello. We are just as excited to be showing off models from the AC FIVE Line and Wallin Monitor Series. And we are equally excited to be serving candy from the hollowed out skull of a Storm Trooper. You can follow along via Instagram, Facebook and... Read More »

Mar 25

The Difference Between Markup and Margin

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Some other industry examples, formulas for figuring markup and margin too Eons ago I worked in a full line electronics store. Component parts, connectors, batteries, tubes, ham radio equipment, audio equipment and more were all part of the mix. In almost every category we made different profit margins based upon prevailing industry norms, market pressures, competition, etc. When I was new I... Read More »

Nov 18

Terra and women in AV: Innovation is born of diversity

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It was great to read Chicks Rule, AVNetworks' piece on women in the AV industry. The content and profiles offered there are important reminders that diverse perspectives, approaches and backgrounds are essential for the growth and evolution of any industry. In the article, Helen Meyer of Meyer Sound said it best: In general, I think women tend to show a better understanding of the value... Read More »