Our Katahdin concrete bookshelf speakers are in CEPro

Our American-made concrete bookshelf speakers — the Katahdin Series — was on the receiving end of some great coverage by way of Robert Archer at CEPro:

Terra Speakers is launching a new line speakers called Katahdin, featuring cabinets made of concrete and recycled materials.

More from the piece:

“We are still working on the crossover—and we are switching to powder-coated baffles, but wood baffles will also be available. We can manufacture solutions for indoor or outdoor applications too.”

Banfield explains that because of the material’s density, the speaker cabinets “are pretty dead.”

“You can play loud music and the cabinet doesn’t move,” he points out. “The vendor has made an audio mix of the material to minimize resonances.”

Beyond the characteristics of the material, though, Banfield appreciates that it’s made by a neighbor in Portland.

You can read full coverage of the Katahdin Series here. And if you’re interested in getting a pair for yourself, feel free to drop us a line.