Our all-weather indoor and outdoor speakers are built to last for years in the most difficult climates and deliver great sound all the while.


LuminSound Series all-climate loudspeakers are hand-built in Maine to bring you the very best in outdoor high fidelity. They are available as a ground-mount, concealable landscape model as well as a handsome bollard featuring optional aimable LED lighting options.

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All Climate Five

The AC [All Climate] FIVE Line of all weather, outdoor speakers offers to our Classic All Climate line a more modern and angular look. Designed to withstand continuous exposure to the elements while providing high-quality sound wherever you want it.

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All Climate Classic

The AC Series has been designed to withstand continuous exposure to the elements while providing high quality sound wherever you want it. Every component part of the series has been manufactured to deliver reliable sound for years.

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CAMM Series

The CAMM line is designed for clear and clean performance, which makes them ideal for a wide range of commercial installations. They are manufactured in the United States and come with a warranty better than those typically offered on the market.

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CA Series

The CA (Custom Application) Series is designed to be flush-mounted within walls or ceilings. They can be installed in almost any location you can imagine; shower stalls, hot tub locations, saunas, pool houses, exposed to the elements, even on ocean going ships.

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We produce four series of high quality, indoor, outdoor and marine grade speakers; the AC Series, the CA Series, the CAMM Series and the LS Series. All four offer a unique solution to accommodate all of your needs.

We are so confident in our speakers, in their enduring quality, that they are backed by a lifetime guarantee. When we say that they are built to last, we put our money where it matters most: into our products.