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The CA4IL is a high performance voice reinforcement line array specifically designed to provide superior vocal reproduction in a wide variety of spaces. The CA4IL is an ideal mate to the compact CAMM DT-200 and DT-400 when incorporated with CAMM’s critical zone digital delay technology. This is an advanced time delay system using primary front speakers and appropriately delayed side speakers to cover larger venues while maintaining superb clarity under even the most difficult conditions.

The two-way CA4IL superbly reproduces voices and its combination of line array design and unique tweeter offers a controlled pattern of wide horizontal dispersion coupled with limited vertical dispersion which reduces undesirable floor and ceiling reflections. Additionally, as a properly designed line array, the CA4IL benefits from reduced sound “fall off” with distance at lower and middle frequencies.

The CA4IL is comprised of 4 CAMM-built 4-inch ACAD™ woofer/midrange drivers (aluminum/ceramic/aluminum sandwich cone) using aluminum alloy frames and powerful vented ceramic motor structures. The ACAD aluminum/ceramic/aluminum sandwich cones are exceptionally stiff yet light for almost perfect transient response and superb vocal clarity. These drivers also feature CAMM’s MFCS™ spider-free fluid voice-coil centering system that not only centers the voice coil during operation and lowers distortion significantly, it provides substantial voice coil cooling capability. The resulting temperature reduction allows the system to play louder with dramatically reduced distortion and minimal dynamic compression. These two technologies provide a wide range of performance benefits not the least of which is that they help ensure optimum performance even in spaces that aren’t consistently heated or cooled.

The line array provides dispersion benefits at low to mid frequencies but not at high frequencies. Therefore, CAMM employs a unique focused field ribbon tweeter to maintain wide horizontal and limited vertical dispersion for superb clarity and coverage. An almost weightless Kapton™ film is etched with a pattern of aluminum conductors and precisely positioned within a powerful magnetic field created by an array of neodymium magnets. The ribbon essentially responds instantaneously as the amplifier’s output signal passes through the etched aluminum “voice coil”. The high frequency output of this tweeter is nothing short of breathtaking. It’s extremely clear and articulate with wide horizontal and reduced vertical dispersion, ideal for use in a line array configuration like the CA4IL.

Crossover duties are performed by a full L/C, third order crossover developed using advanced computer modeling and built using carefully selected high performance components.

The CA4IL’s narrow enclosure is made from ¾” MDF and finished with a high quality and durable off-white paint. The removable cloth grille is easily changed if desired. Custom colors for both the enclosure and grille fabric are available at additional cost. Connections are made using gold plated multi-way binding posts. Mounting may be done using the optional powder-coated dedicated bracket or by custom methods.

Like every CAMM speaker, the CA4IL is built in Maine and comes with an industry leading 10-year Warranty against defects in workmanship and manufacturing.

Optional advanced system design is available for CAMM products by Steve Minozzi, one of the most highly regarded House of Worship and commercial space sound reinforcement experts in the field. You can contact Steve through CAMM and discuss the options he offers for system design from simple to elaborate.

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  • Enclosure 3/4" MDF Cabinet Painted with durable Off-White
  • Speaker Dimensions 26" Tall 5.25" Deep 6.25" Wide
  • Grille Off-White Cloth covered MDF. Custom color available
  • Frequency Range 65 Hz to 20 KHz +/-3dB w/AC.Sub 26 Hz to 20 KHz +/- 3dB
  • Sensitivity 89dB (1 Watt @ 1 Meter)
  • Power Handling 25 - 125 Watts Undistorted
  • Impedance 8 Ohm
  • Tweeter ribbon tweeter
  • Bass/Mid Driver (4) 4-inch Terra-built cast frame Aluminum Ceramic Anodized Cone w/MFCS™ spider-less fluid suspension, rubber composite surround
  • Connection Five-way Binding Posts

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