The square Deck plate is now the “standard” mounting option

Terra Loudspeakers’ LS.32 outdoor LED lighting and sound bollard was initially introduced with a 30-inch heavy duty PVC pipe for mounting in the ground. However, several installations have demanded alternate mounting methods as we’ve described in an earlier e-mail blast.

We’ve introduced two machined plates, one round and one square that bolt to the bottom of the bollard with stainless steel 1/4×20 screws. The round plate includes two sets of three machined mounting holes (for a total of six openings). One set of holes is designed for 2-inch spiral heavy-duty earth “screws” commonly available through hardware or Internet sites and usually used for tents or other semi-permanent mounting purposes. These spiral screws are available in 8, 10 and 16-inch lengths to be chosen depending upon the type of soil they’re to be used in. Please see the picture at the bottom of this message. The second set of holes is intended for various types of lags or bolts including concrete lags or other standard hard surface fasteners. This round Ground plate is available as a $25.00 dealer cost option.

round Ground plate

The square Deck plate is limited to one set of 4 mounting holes designed for lags or other bolts and is intended for use on decks, concrete, asphalt or other hard surfaces where lags or bolts will suffice. Of course, if access to the area underneath the decking is available, longer stainless steel 1/4×20 bolts can be used to mount the bollard directly to the decking. Using the plate however, increases the footprint of the mount making the installation more secure and stable should someone push on the bollard from above.

Based upon orders and the general reaction of our dealers to these mounts, we’ve changed the standard mount from the PVC pipe to this square Deck mounting plate with no change in dealer cost.

square Deck plate

The 30-inch PVC pipe remains available as a no charge option. Mount choice, if other than the square Deck plate must be specified at the time of order.

All mounting options are available now.

Vortex spiral

Heavy-duty powder coated steel spiral screw, one of two options for the round Ground mount plate. These are available from hardware supply houses and at Home Depot.