Terra Introduces New CA Series Flush Mount Speakers

Terra 08.12.14-6017

Terra 08.12.14-6020

New models feature edge-to-edge micro-perf grilles and enhanced acoustic designs

Brunswick, ME
August 12, 2014

Terra is introducing a brand new CA series of flush mount all-climate speakers at CEDIA Expo in Denver this year. The new bezel free design utilizes edge-to-edge powder coated aluminum micro-perforated grilles, which makes them far less visually obtrusive once installed. Additionally, the series crossover networks have been upgraded and enhanced to significantly improve sound quality across the board. The networks have been re-configured using higher quality component parts to smooth frequency response and increase efficiency.

“Although others have recently introduced bezel-free designs, we have waited until engineering and tooling could be brought on line to produce speakers and grilles that can withstand the extreme weather conditions that our products are known for. We insist on true all-climate durability and that means using powder-coated aluminum grilles which will never rust or corrode,” said Terra President, James Banfield.

“Many similar models use steel grilles with magnets to hold them on,” Banfield continued. “Not only are the grilles prone to rusting but the magnets themselves also can rust or corrode, depending on the exact materials used. There have been a number of reports concerning magnets falling off resulting in the grilles falling off as well. The new aluminum CA grilles are a tight friction fit with a built-in safely lanyard for security under the most adverse vibration conditions. And they’ll never rust or corrode.”

Beyond the new grilles, the new CA series sports enhanced sound quality due to highly modified crossover networks. Better component parts and further computer optimization has resulted in smoother frequency response, lower distortion and modestly increased efficiency across the board.

The CA series is IP65 rated and ideal for providing exceptional sound quality under the most adverse all-climate conditions including sea-going ships, outdoors exposed to the elements, in steam rooms, saunas, pool houses, showers, bathrooms, and more. Like every Terra all-climate speaker, the CA series in manufactured in Maine, including our in-house built woofer/mid-range drivers and incorporates over 70% USA sourced component parts.

The first model in the new series, the CA.8, 8-inch two-way will be on display at Terra’s CEDIA Expo booth (836) and will begin shipping immediately after the Expo. The remainder of the series which includes 6.5- and 5.25-inch drivers and single-point-stereo models will roll out over the next 3 to 4 months. Round or square grilles will need to be specified at time of order.

Terra manufactures exceptionally high-quality enclosure type and flush mount weather-proof loudspeakers including some with LED lighting right here in the United States. Terra has been providing these excellent Limited Lifetime Warranted products to the residential custom installation and light commercial market since 1999.