Terra Featured in Electronic Home’s 22 Outdoor Speakers for a Sizzling Summer

We were elated to be on Electronic Home‘s list of 22 Outdoor Speakers for a Sizzling Summer:

This latest outdoor speaker is a modified version of the company’s previously released LS.32. Like that one, this model combines an outdoor LED light and sound column. If you want to mix and match, the speaker enclosure is also sold separately. That way, you can mix up the system or kill the lighting in certain areas. As far as the speaker goes, the big difference here is that the LS.10 has a 0.25-inch thick, polyethylene sealed enclosure that’s 10-inches high with a maximum diameter of 7 inches. That can protect the weatherproof 5.25/.75-inch co-axial loudspeaker, which is mounted inside at a 35-degree angle pointing upward. This model isn’t available yet, but the company plans to sell the LS.10 individually and in a package with six LS.10 speakers, one Terra partial burial AC.SUB, and a dedicated Crown CDi 1000 DSP optimized power amplifier.

Here is a look at the LS series:


You can read more about it here.