Buy American. Buy Terra.

We make our products in right here in the United States (in Brunswick, Maine, to be exact). We do this so that:

  • we can have absolute control over the finished products
  • we can institute changes and improvements immediately and evaluate the results just as quickly
  • we can offer limited customization of our products; for example, you can order minimum quantities of custom color enclosures
  • we can “build to order”; when you call in an order we normally build and ship within 24 hours
  • we are not at the mercy of some large off shore conglomerate

We also:

  • hand assemble every Terra woofer/midrange driver in house
  • hand assemble every Terra speaker system, flush mount and enclosure type, in house as well
  • purchase component parts from as many American suppliers as we can

We think you will agree that the resulting products are better for this effort

Of course, this means our products are a little more expensive than typical off-shore products. So the next time you are including Terra products in one of your jobs if the opportunity presents itself, be sure to point out this information. Although we are well  aware that people like to give lip service to “buying American” until it costs them a few bucks, we would like to believe that, particularly now, this is a significant point of differentiation for us and you.