Announcing a dramatic expansion of our LuminSound™ outdoor lighting and sound series

We have introduced 360-degree LED lighting for our LS10 ground mount and LS32 LuminSound bollard speakers. The option, Halo, offers to each model a beautiful ring of light. The LS32 sound bollard can also come equipped with an up or down-facing (or both) directional light—Path.

In addition to the LuminSound Halo and Path options, full color RGB lighting with dimming and DMX control is also available for the LuminSound 32 inch bollard style speaker. Now installers can create beautiful outdoor lighting and sound designs using various combinations of both models. This offers great flexibility in terms of lighting coverage and color options in addition to the highly regarded sound provided by every Terra all-climate speaker.

The LS10 is a 10-inch tall sealed tapered round column with a 5.25-inch Terra built driver inside, aimed up at a 35° angle. Its translucent LED light strip is mounted just below the top of the housing where it delivers a warm white ring of illumination all around the speaker. The speaker section can be aimed in any direction when the LS.10 is installed as the lighting covers the entire circumference of the housing.

The LS.32, a 32-inch tall column, whose “head” is the same audio section as the LS.10, is now available with either warm white or full color waterproof LED RGB lamps controlled by standard DMX commands. The lamps can be ordered installed for up lighting, down lighting or both, in “eyeball” adjustable mounts. The speaker head can be rotated to deliver sound in any direction while the lights are aimed at the landscaping features.

The LuminSound system, comprised of the LS.10 and LS.32, is rated IP67 for full outdoor exposure including UV, salt spray and chlorine mist. They house a Terra-built, weatherproof 5.25″/.75” co-axial loudspeaker driver. Its sophisticated computer optimized internal crossover network includes a heavy-duty transformer providing 70 volt or 8 Ohm operation with a built-in selector switch (8, 16, 32, 64 Watts or 8 Ohms) located behind the aluminum grille. The driver incorporates Terra’s ACAD™ ceramic/aluminum alloy cone and MFCS™ fluid cooled spider-free technologies.

The LS.10’s compact shape and contemporary styling make it an excellent choice when adding sound to any outdoor area. The LS.10 mounts at ground level, using a heavy-duty, 18-inch PVC pipe that’s simply attached to the speaker and then buried in the ground. The audio sections are intentionally uni-directional, as a major issue with residential and commercial outdoor speakers concerns keeping the sound from disturbing the neighbors. By using a directional design, random scattering of the sound field is dramatically reduced while maximum output is directed at the listening area.

The LuminSound series is sold individually and in packages including Terra partial burial ACSUB subwoofers and dedicated Crown CDi series DSP optimized power amplifiers. Custom packages can be created as well, allowing the dealer lots of custom options and enhanced margins. Like all Terra products, they are made in America and carry a Limited Lifetime Warranty

Terra manufactures exceptionally high-quality enclosure type, lighting and sound bollards and flush mount weatherproof loudspeakers in Brunswick, ME. We have been providing superior all weather products into the residential custom installation and light commercial market since 1999. Please feel free to contact us for more information