About Terra

Our All Climate Speakers last. And last. And Last.
We are Terra Speakers.

Made in the USA.

Our products are built to endure all climate conditions, and they are presently doing so in every imaginable climate throughout the world. 

Most all-climate speakers are actually “weather resistant”. They will last a few years at most and then they require replacement. Most don’t come close to high fidelity, even when they are new. Terra speakers, on the other hand, will last for years in the most difficult climates and deliver great sound all the while.

We build them to ensure their survival in the brutal cold of Northern New England and we have been happy to hear from our dealers and vendors that they hold up beautifully in saunas in the Caribbean, on salt-sprayed ocean liners, and at restaurants assaulted by an ever-present sun in Israel and Egypt.

We maintain highest levels of quality by building our own woofers here in the United States. 

Rather than buying parts off-the-shelf, we build them right here in Maine. By doing so, we maintain the highest levels of quality and performance. We incorporate our metal cone/dome speaker heritage and other advanced technologies to design some of the finest truly all-climate speakers you can buy. The quality of our lines of in-wall, in-ceiling and enclosed models exemplify this progressive thinking.

We have been speaking to the quality of our product, and living up to our promise, for 15 years.

We are so confident in our speakers, in their enduring quality, that they are backed by a lifetime guarantee. When we say that they are built to last, we put our money where it matters most: into our products.


  • How long has Terra been in business?

    We’ve been in business since 1999. Our direct lineage under other brand names goes all the way back to the beginnings of the High Fidelity era in the late 40’s under the Bozak brand. You can learn more about us  here.

  • Can I order Terra products directly from you?

    It’s been our policy not to sell directly to end users. While our products are simple to install and understand, the complexities of outdoor system design, mounting options, speaker/amplifier power requirements and more dictates that our products are best installed by experts. We would ask you to contact a local installation professional for more information or you can call us (207.725.1005) and we will connect you with one accordingly.

  • Do Terra speakers carry any certifications for all-climate capability?

    Terra speakers have been tested to meet IP67 ratings for dust and moisture exposure. Additionally they meet or exceed the basic requirements for environmental exposure described in MIL-STD-810G, which addresses a broad range of adverse environmental conditions.

    Our speakers can be exposed to salt spray and chlorine mist in addition to operating at temperatures ranging from 5 to 175 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Can Terra speakers be fully exposed to the elements? Define “fully exposed” and “all weather”.

    Every Terra speaker is designed to be exposed to the elements and will withstand such exposure for years (Limited Lifetime Warranty). Even our CA series in-wall/in-ceiling models can be installed with their fronts exposed to the elements. CA series models are also rated to be installed in “difficult” indoor locations such as saunas, steam rooms and pool houses. Unlike so many other “outdoor” speakers, Terra products are built to marine grade standards to withstand the rigors of full environmental exposure (including salt) over the long haul while providing exceptional sound reproduction all the while.

  • Are all Terra speakers made in the USA?

    Every Terra loudspeaker is manufactured right here in Maine. We even make our own woofer/midrange drivers on premises, which is a rare commodity these days. Since we offer so many variations for many of our models, we custom build your speakers when they are ordered. Typically orders received by noon EST are shipped that day.

  • Do you offer wireless models?

    Wireless signal distribution is easy but unless the speakers were connected to AC power they would need batteries, which is a flawed, unreliable power scheme requiring regular upkeep. We contend that the most reliable, highest performance and lowest maintenance option is running wires to the speakers from a power amplifier.

  • Stereo or Mono for outdoor sound?

    In the majority of distributed audio installations no one is ever equidistant between a left and right speaker — “the sweet spot.” They primarily hear sound coming from the speaker they’re closest to, missing much of the sound from the other channel. As they move about the area this imbalance worsens. Distributing music in mono means everyone hears everything no matter where they’re positioned and what they hear doesn’t change as they move about.

    If your source devices don’t provide a mono output there are dedicated units that are designed for this purpose. We sell one from a company named RDL that sounds great, is affordable and provides consumer audio to pro sound level matching and its own volume control.

  • How much area coverage should I estimate for each AC/LS speaker in an installation?

    First you have to determine with the client whether they’re looking for background or foreground sound. Background is low level and unobtrusive. Foreground is louder for more entertainment but can interfere with conversations in the areas immediately adjacent to the speakers. What is the goal with the system? Will anyone actually listen to music with it. Is it being used with an outdoor TV for movies, etc.? Spend some time and effort to understand the goals and desires of the client.

    For background coverage you can estimate each Terra AC/LS series 5.25-inch driver satellite speaker to cover an area of 150 sq. feet (a 10 x 15 area, for example). For foreground use we would suggest limiting each 5.25-inch speaker to about 100 sq. feet (10 x 10). The AC 6.5-inch driver models are capable of covering approximately a 15-20% larger areas.

    Of course, these are just general suggestions as the sound will cover more area than listed above, but start to fall off as you move away. As always we shy away from omni-directional speakers because their output falls off more rapidly in any given direction and there’s a much greater risk of disturbing the neighbors. Remember, more speakers, closely spaced, aimed inwards, towards the coverage area will always give the best results with the smoothest coverage and least bleed over towards the neighbors. And you won’t have to turn the system up too loud to get excellent sound quality.

    If there’s an outdoor theater involved you’ll want to be careful to place speakers to the left, right and center of the screen. If possible, try to keep them at or close to ear height and no more than 3-4 feet away from the edge of the screen. Since you’re dealing with “the great outdoors” we would suggest you use the largest AC series model that the client will agree to and definitely include a nearby AC.SUB or two.

    The AC.SUB can deliver good bass performance to an area approximately 30 x 40 for background and 20 x 30 for foreground listening. Just like an indoor subwoofer, if you install the AC.SUB directly adjacent to a building wall (or two, if a corner is available) you’ll increase its apparent output significantly. And outdoors there’s no worries about standing waves unless your seated between two or more closely spaced buildings.

  • Would it be better to take the speakers inside during the Winter months?

    If you live where Winters are severe and you don’t use the speakers during the Winter months it wouldn’t hurt to bring them inside, out of the elements. Although leaving them out will not necessary cause them cosmetic or performance stress, bringing them indoors eliminates any potential for harm. Interestingly, the very strong sun in places like the US Southwest can inflict more long-term damage than cold and moisture. If you’re planning on bringing the speakers inside be sure to use our marine-grade quick disconnect wiring accessory when the speakers are installed

  • Is there any way to reduce the possibility of theft?

    We do offer a simple kit that includes a security screw to be installed through one of the end-caps that hold the AC series models to their brackets. These will slow down a thief and make it more difficult to remove the speaker

  • Are there many options for mounting the AC series with the included brackets?

    AC brackets are pre-punched with lots of screw holes and slots. They offer dozens of possible mounting solutions. The bracket corners are angled so they will easily fit up tight into 90-degree building corners if desired. We sell a horizontal PVC pipe mount that mates with the bracket too.

  • Can the AC and LS be used in commercial applications?

    Absolutely! Restaurants, hotels, bars, shopping malls and anywhere that high performance high reliability all-climate speakers are required Terra speakers make an ideal solution. And their Limited Lifetime Warranty is a real benefit in such instances.

  • Do you make a 70 volt subwoofer?

    The AC.SUB is normally shipped as an 8 Ohm unit. We do have an option for a high power 400 Watt 70 volt transformer for those applications where a 70 volt subwoofer is needed.

  • Does the AC SUBe include a crossover?

    No, the AC SUBe is a passive device that requires an external crossover and amplifier. There are many such devices on the market, mostly commercial “pro sound” units. We sell the Crown™ CDi series of amplifiers that offer great sound, high power and superb system flexibility including built-in EQ, crossovers, limiters and more. We pre-program them to optimize their performance with Terra speakers.

  • Are the CA series completely weather-proof too?

    Yes, even though they are designed for in-ceiling/in-wall mounting, the fronts of all CA model can be fully exposed to the elements without concern. This includes salt spray and chlorine mist as well so if they’re installed in a pool house or near a hot tub it’s OK. They can also be installed in a sauna (not above the heat source).

    We n that a bead of silicone sealant (only use silicone as other sealants may damage the speaker assembly) between the back of the CA assembly and the surface it’s mounting in to keep water from getting behind the speaker and into the wall cavity.

  • Can I use CA models in a distributed audio system indoors in rooms that don’t have any environmental concerns?

    Certainly. The CA series, like every Terra speaker, is built right here in Maine to deliver the highest audio performance and quality of construction possible. They will provide exceptional sound quality and rugged durability for years to come, no matter where they’re installed.

  • What type of wire do you recommend for your speakers?

    For outdoor installations you should use burial grade wire and we strongly suggest that you use conduit for all runs. We suggest a minimum of 16 gauge for runs up to 50 feet, 14 gauge for runs up to 125 feet and 12 gauge for runs over 125 feet. For 70 volt outdoor installs we typically suggest a minimum of 18 gauge but larger wire (smaller gauge number) can’t hurt. Indoors with the CA series you should always use wire rated for in-wall use (Class 2). If the wire is being run vertically, between floors or within a suspended ceiling always use plenum rated wire. It’s actually not a bad idea to always use plenum rated wire within walls anyway.

    Riser and plenum wire classifications:

    CL2R, CL3R – Class 2 and 3 power limited riser cables for use in vertical riser shafts. Subject to UL 1666 Riser Flame Test.

    CL2P, CL3P – Class 2 and 3 power limited plenum cables for use in ducts and air plenums. Subject to UL 910 Steiner Tunnel Test.

  • Can the CA series be retrofitted after construction is done?

    Yes installing them in an already built house is easy and secure. The most complex part will be running the wires to them if they weren’t pre-run during construction.

  • Can the CA series be used in a 70 volt installation?

    Yes, we can install 70 volt transformers on the CA series on an optional, special order basis.

  • What kind of wire connectors are used on the CA series?

    We use high grade gold plated spring loaded terminals. They will accept stranded wires up to 12 gauge. “Tinning” stranded wire with solder can be beneficial to ensure long term, reliable connections. We do recommend that you use dielectric grease to protect the connections.

  • What are the CAMM speakers?

    CAMM is a line of indoor “light commercial” sound reinforcement speakers designed for Houses of Worship, bars, restaurants, auditoriums, offices, retail stores, schools, etc. We have been making CAMM speakers for over 15 years and they have been installed in over 2500 locations. Unlike Terra speakers, the CAMM models are not weatherproof.

  • Do you offer design assistance for Terra and CAMM?

    Yes, we can help with design assistance for both. For further information please contact us at 207.705.1005 or email info@terraspeakers.com.

  • What do I do if I have a damaged grille on my Terra speaker?

    We understand there’s always the possibility a grille can be damaged by a lawn mower, weed whacker, animal interference or other means. Should that happen don’t fret just give us a call at 207.725.1005 and we’ll replace the grille for a nominal fee.

  • When is a 70 volt system best?

    Any time you are considering a larger system with multiple speaker locations you should consider the potential offered by a 70 volt system. In particular, if the system requires long speaker runs 70 volt can be an ideal solution. We would suggest that if you have a system that includes 5 or more loudspeakers that you consider 70 volt along with mono operation.

  • Do you offer system design and speaker coverage information?

    Our engineers are here to help with all aspects of system design. Simply give us a call at 207.725.1005 during business hours EST or e-mail us at info@terraspeakers.com.

  • Tell me about Terra’s transferrable Limited Lifetime Warranty.

    Terra offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty on all of our outdoor loudspeaker products. This Warranty covers defects in workmanship and manufacturing plus damage from outdoor or indoor environmental exposure short of Acts of God. Physical abuse, unauthorized modifications or service, using the products for purposes other than their intended use and electronic abuse aren’t covered. This Warranty can be transferred to new owners by simply contacting Terra at 207.725.1005 or info@terraspeakers.com.