Things to do, see, eat and drink while at CEDIA Expo

We are happy to be in Denver for CEDIA13, and we hope to see you at our booth. If you are looking for something fun or interesting to do while you are here, we hope this list can help to point you into the right direction. Enjoy!

[PHOTO: Extended exposure of Neon lights on the north-east Corner above the Blue Moon Brewery, via Wikipedia]


Non-Related, though interesting or potentially entertaining events to consider:

Food and drink close to the event:

Food and drink a little bit down the road:

  • Il Posto offers a great, quiet and beautifully cooked Italian dinner and they are down on 17th Street. The stuffed calamari was great and the Risotto was both tasty and filling. The red sangria is also hearty and worth getting lightheaded over for the walk back to your hotel.
  • The Thin Man is right net door to Il Posto, and there you can get tasty drinks on both the beer and booze front.
  • 17th Street, generally: If you walk up 17th Street, heading away from the conference center toward the aforementioned restaurants, there is at least one bar and one restaurant on every block, if not more. On the way up we saw Mexican, burgers, shakes, a dessert place, a few places with folks playing music, a trivia night hosted by a drag queen and populated by a bunch of folks in fairy wings, and everything in between. So if you are looking for quirky options, it might be worth your while to take a stroll.

And of course, we hope you will visit us at CEDIA Expo booth #2921. Enjoy yourselves in Denver!

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[DID YOU KNOW: Everybody’s favorite “last dinosaur,” Denver (pictured above), lived in LA but was named after the city of Denver? Because obviously.]