Terra Speakers Newsletter: March 19, 2013

It’s been a long time coming but Winter is on the wane and warmer weather is on the horizon (even though it’s snowing here in Maine as I write this). Remember, the time to begin promoting Terra’s unique, high performance all-climate speakers is now for jobs being quoted for Spring/Summer and Fall installation.

Help your most important clients and prospects understand what’s important to them concerning all-climate sound and address their needs by using the following information.

It is time to think about outdoor sound and lighting

Spring is rapidly approaching and with it the opportunity to sell more outdoor and environmental soundscaping systems.

We know that over the winter months your brain has been filled with important stuff concerning products that were selling during these chilly times. Some of that stuff may have relegated Terra specific knowledge into the dark recesses of your cerebral cortex. So we’d like to offer this Rapid Refresher Course in all things Terra.

For people who are “big picture”, conceptually minded, all Terra loudspeakers are:

•   The highest quality outdoor speakers you can buy
•   Superb high fidelity systems that deliver a level of musical enjoyment comparable to high end audiophile monitors
•   Capable of dramatically enhancing any environmental area, indoors or out, with superb soundscaping because they make terrific music and can be placed anywhere, without concern for climate exposure
•   An install and forget product that will deliver high performance year after year, even when exposed to the elements
•    Capable of transforming ordinary and perhaps unexpected locations around the home or commercial location into highly entertaining, people friendly spaces
•    Available with advanced LED lighting to illuminate landscaping, pathways and buildings, in addition to providing a musical interlude (LS.32)
•    Designed with two overarching goals; to deliver exceptional quality sound and last a very long time exposed to the elements

For people who are performance minded, all Terra loudspeakers are:

•   True high fidelity products.
•   All-climate speakers aren’t an afterthought or “throw away” product category to us. They’re all we make and we make the best
•   Designed to reproduce wide range acoustic performance with minimum distortion and neutral frequency response
•   Intended for use in most any residential or commercial environmental location including fully exposed outdoors, in saunas, steam rooms, pool houses, on boats, etc.
•   Capable of being integrated within simple to elaborate soundscaping systems; all models are 8 Ohms, 70.7-volt versions of most are available as is a dedicated high power subwoofer

For people who are technically minded, all Terra loudspeakers incorporate:

•    Terra built-in-America woofer/midrange drivers
•    Custom designed and manufactured high performance tweeters
•    USA designed and built right here in Maine, using up to 70% US sourced parts
•    ACAD™ ceramic anodized aluminum cones
•    Patented MFCS™ fluid-cooled, spider free motors
•    Cast aluminum alloy driver frames
•    Large, oxygen-free copper wound voice coils for high power handling and accurate reproduction
•    Titanium, aluminum or polymer tweeter domes
•    Powerful Neodymium rare earth and large ceramic magnets
•    Computer designed and optimized crossover networks
•    Vented woofer/midrange motor structures for high power handling
•    Rubber composite surrounds

For people who are esthetically minded, Terra speakers:

•    Can be installed within landscaping, at ground level, on posts, in trees, on buildings, on piers or boats, just about anywhere and be totally exposed to the elements, salt spray or chlorine mist (AC series)
•    Can be flush mounted in walls and ceilings and be exposed to the elements, salt spray, chlorine mist, high heat, etc., once they’re installed (CA series, see next)
•    Can withstand up to 195 degrees F plus steam exposure for use in saunas / steam rooms / showers, etc. (CA series)
•    Are designed with rounded housings to minimize negative diffraction effects and make for stronger, less resonant enclosures (AC, LS series)
•    Are molded from ¼-inch thick industrial grade, color impregnated polyethylene that resists stains and sloughs off dirt and water (AC, LS series)
•    Have color that goes all the way through the molded enclosures; no scratching through to a different layer substrate color (AC, LS series)
•    Utilize screw attached resin (AC series) or pressure fit anodized aluminum grilles (CA series)
•    Can be washed off with mild detergent, a scrub brush and low pressure hose (AC, LS series)
•    Can be painted to match surroundings (CA series only)

For people who are value minded, all Terra speakers are:

•    Buy’em once and keep’em for a lifetime all climate speakers
•    The best performing, longest lasting, best warranteed outdoor speakers available
•    Manufactured in the USA by a company that specializes exclusively in all-climate speakers (that’d be us)
•    Remember, the lowest price isn’t always the best value…

For people who are intimidated by making technology decisions, Terra speakers are:

•    Designed, built and guaranteed to last a lifetime (we have a14-year track record to stand on)
•    Designed and manufactured in the USA, from primarily American made parts
•    Considered by industry experts to be among the finest all-climate speakers available
•    Totally sealed; nothing will set up housekeeping inside a Terra speaker (AC and LS series)
•    Weather proof, not just weather resistant
•    Designed with ultimate flexibility including mounting options, connection options, systems integration and more

Remember, Terra is one of the few companies left that truly supports the independent A/V specialist with more than lip service. We’re in this together.