Terra + CAMM Update | March 2015


An update you on several things we’ve been working on:

  • RGB/Dimming for the LS.32 bollard: We are evaluating DMX lighting control and some newer control systems that offer other options. We’re pretty close to a decision and hope to have more to tell you in the next 30 to 60 days.
  • The new “frameless” CA series grilles: We’re shipping the CA.8 with its new grilles and they’re available in round or square format which must be specified when ordering (R or S). We’ll be phasing in the other CA series models as the new driver frames and grilles come off the tooling process. We will let you know as these come to fruition.
  • Black cones for the woofer/midrange drivers: The changeover is now complete and all Terra drivers have black ACAD™ anodized cones.
  • Will Hallett: There’s a new guy at Terra who’s taking on a new position we’re calling Community Outreach Specialist. “What’s that”, you ask?  Will is going to be both reaching out to communicate with our dealers and be here to support them should they have questions or issues. He comes to us via the marine industry so he certainly understands the needs of all climate installations.
  • CAMM literature: The new general lit for the CAMM series of indoor commercial sound re-enforcement speakers is available to download. We did a general e-mail blast of it on 03/20. We’re also working on commercial format spec sheets for each model that will be made available shortly.
  • CAMM availability: We expect to have the full line of CAMM indoor commercial sound re-enforcement speakers available for order in June. We’ll let you know as we get closer.