Mar 03

Tips for running low voltage wiring

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This is a wide ranging subject that includes many topics. We’ll try to hit the main highlights in this brief overview using bullet points for efficiency. Always use wire properly rated for the location. Class 2 and 3 wiring (CL2, CL3) are power limited cables for general purpose use. These are the most common cables for use in low voltage installations. CL2R and CL3R are the same as... Read More »

Jun 14

Congratulations to Kevin Burnley for winning a pair of AC.16s!

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Congratulations, Kevin! Kevin threw his hat into the ring by answering a few short questions about how he gets the word out about his products and services. Kevin is over at Creative Audio Video and Automation over in St. Louis. You can visit them online, on Facebook and on Twitter. We had the drawing for our AC.16s here at our infoComm booth, where we have been hearing amazing things... Read More »