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Apr 23

rAVe [Publications] covers the update of our AC Series

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Many thanks to the fine folks at rAVe for covering the update of our AC Series: Terra, a manufacturer of all-climate loudspeakers, has updated the look and durability of its AC series enclosure models. The new AC grilles are made from aluminum in place of the molded resin types previously used. The grilles incorporate carefully sized micro-perforations in order to balance attractiveness and... Read More »

Mar 19

Terra Speakers Newsletter: March 19, 2013

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It's been a long time coming but Winter is on the wane and warmer weather is on the horizon (even though it's snowing here in Maine as I write this). Remember, the time to begin promoting Terra's unique, high performance all-climate speakers is now for jobs being quoted for Spring/Summer and Fall installation. Help your most important clients and prospects understand what's important to them... Read More »

Dec 06

Terra Speakers Newsletter: December 6, 2012

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We recently sent out new Terra price sheets. Like all manufacturers we were concerned because we had to pass along some price increases. The next day we received this response in an e-mail: Because of the quality along with the fact they are built here and my ability to tell my customer these are likely the finest all weather loudspeakers in the world, I will sell your products regardless of any... Read More »