Mar 10

Considerations for distributed audio in commercial installations

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You see them everywhere; retail stores, coffee shops, bars and restaurants and more. Up on or near the ceiling, commercial loud playing background music. Sometimes you can hear them clearly, but many times they’re turned down to the point of being inaudible or there are large gaps in their coverage so they’re audible up close though they effectively disappear just a few steps away.... Read More »

Jan 12
Allagash Brewing - Portland ME

CE Pro reports on growth in 2015 and beyond

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There is an interesting piece in the January issue of CE Pro (we can't find the link on their website) about industry growth over the course of 2015. State of the Industry: Measured Growth examines integrator growth in 2015 and makes some guesses about 2016. According to the piece, integrators reported 9.1% revenue growth last year, "with a strong increase in the number of projects and... Read More »