May 15

Outdoor speakers, indoor speakers, and InfoComm15! Oh my!

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Here in Maine it felt like the Winter was never going to end. Some of our All Climate lines were buried in the snow for up to 6 months and that snow kept on coming and coming and coming. Now, though, Spring is here in full effect. The temperatures are reaching the 80s and soon it will be in the 90s. For those of us North Americans who endure seasonal changes, we have entered the... Read More »

Nov 12

CAMM is coming: One of many exciting new Terra developments in 2015

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This is more of a sneak peak than an announcement, but this is just one of many exciting things coming in 2015. We are known for our American made lines of all-weather, outdoor speakers, but we also manufacture a line called CAMM that is utilized in countless houses of worship throughout the world. Because of its quality production and lifetime warranty, this line is also becoming... Read More »