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Feb 19

Tips for ensuring the longevity of all weather speakers

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We make our speaker systems as ruggedly durable as we possibly can, which is why they’re rated IP65 for all-climate use. Still, there are several tips we’d like to offer to help any outdoor speaker survive the rigors of all-climate use.   Do not place outdoor speakers where they’ll be fully or partially submerged in water. That also means you need to consider snow melt in... Read More »

Feb 02

Residential Systems covers the launch of the All Climate Series FIVE Line

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We were humbled to get a great deal of coverage from Residential Systems last week. They covered the upcoming launch of our FIVE Line: “We are excited to have developed these with design input from our friends at Leon Speakers,” said James Banfield, president of Terra. “The guys at Leon are also leaders in designing American-made AV and our relationship goes back to our development of... Read More »

Jan 25

What do we mean when we say "Lifetime Warranty"?

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Ours means that our outdoor lines, which all come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty, amount to an investment. You buy them once and that's it. You have them for life. No more replacement costs or fees. We do this because we know for sure that they last and last and last. One and done. Here are some additional points of interest: The Terra Limited Lifetime Warranty is transferrable.... Read More »

Dec 02

Considerations for your all weather home theater

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This post about considerations for setting up your home theater has a lot of great ideas and is well worth checking out. That said, this line made us chuckle: "By all means, place your components well away from the swimming pool and BBQ grill. Be aware of humidity, smoke, water, etc... If you live in one of the Southern States, where it can get very humid, you may not want to place your... Read More »

Oct 08

Introducing the AC FIVE

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FIVE is an updated twist on our Classic line of All Climate speakers. The redesigned cabinets feature a modern, angled look and feature our Maine-made drivers. Every component part of the AC Series remains carefully designed and manufactured to deliver reliable sound for years without maintenance or special care. Models can be mixed, matched and combined by way of brackets and a seamless... Read More »